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Karmic Readings Are A Profound Look Into Your Life

The Forces Of Your Own Spiritual Nature Lay In The Laws Of Karma

What are the forces of your spiritual nature manifesting in your life right now? Both good & bad. What areas of your life are you drawing from your good accumulated over lifetimes karma. In what areas of life are you being badly affected by accumulated bad karma?

What is Karma? Collections of your good and bad deeds follow and attach to how to know if you’re suffering from bad karma attachment episodes. Extremities, too often, in relationships with yourself, other people, society, romance, friendships, co-workers, and family. Depressions, feelings of unwanted emotion all too often. Trauma that has been consistent and “non-stop”.

This session class will last for 3 months for $900 and cover the following:

  • Readings, discussions on life in the present moment.
  • Analyzing your dreams, extracting messages, meaning, and discovering the source of your dreams.
  • Finding the power of praying, meditation, rituals, and remedies to manifest and move ahead to a beautiful life.
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