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Healing, Life, Love, Forgiveness

Basic readings on past lives
Dharma - Karma readings
Present day - past - future
Reading your energy vibration
Prayer partnership
Sound vibration
Fork tuning

Deep insights on love, romance, past lives and todays past, present and future. Understanding what has happened in your past lives is key to gaining a deeper more profound look into your own self and your lover soulmate and significant other in order to create a more harmonious lasting relationship!

Mend broken, lost or unhappy love!

Learn to understand about family ties.
How they affect you. Do you want it to be better happier healthier. More peaceful.

Business finance good luck.
Where do your habits come from.
Where was your motivation lacking in past lives.

Have you lost through finance or simply stuck? Find out and work to manifest the life you deserve.

This is a type of class sessions that can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Scheduling will be talked about to fit into your own routine.

Depending on subject or subjects you choose to know about and work on prices may vary.
From $900 to $2000 to $5,500.

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